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High School Assessments

Every engagement begins with a comprehensive assessment to identify a schools' individual areas of improvement. We will benchmark your schools' performance against industry standards and provide tangible recommendations for how you can improve your college counseling processes. 

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College Application Support

Students need individualized support and expert advice to help them to navigate the complex college application process. We collaborate with school throughout the year to provide counseling sessions to students and families as well as reviews of their applications. All of this support is provide remotely. 


Year Round College Counseling Transformation

We will work with your college counselors to initiate programs throughout the year in support of students. 

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Career Readiness 

We believe that students should begin exploring their career opportunities as early as possible. Learning through practical, real-world exercises will open your students' eyes to many career possibilities. We will help your school to establish programs that inform and engage your students about their career choices.