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Strategic Planning For Your School

We analyze your school

We identify strengths and weaknesses

We create a strategy roadmap with clear actions steps


At Oriel Education Group, we are passionate about advising educational institutions. We have a proven track record in helping schools achieve greater success by providing them with excellent service

We provide strategic planning to schools with clear action steps. We help them understand their strengths and weaknesses, the competitive landscape, areas of improvement and create roadmaps to help them stay competitive and grow within their community

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Our Engagements

We engage with schools to provide strategic plans in 3 steps

1. Interview 

We complete multiple interviews with the board, leadership team, faculty members, and key stakeholders to gain in-depth perspective of the school's key mission, goals, and areas of improvement.

2. Survey

Through the use of targeted surveys, we gather additional feedback within the community among students, parents and alumni

3. Create the
Strategy Roadmap

We deliver refined strategic vision and set inspiring goals. We design both short term and long term road map with practical set of next steps

We present a detailed report on areas to improve to increase the competitiveness that would enable the school to serve the community

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